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Illustration: Ya Gallery (c) 2021

She Is an Artist: Significant Naïve Art in the UK and Ukraine

Event announcement

The project “She is an Artist: Significant Naive Art in the UK and Ukraine” is a platform for art exploration which was developed to discover women artists in the naive tradition. Ya Gallery art centre (Kyiv) together with The British Ukrainian Society has discovered a number of British and Ukrainian armature female artists whose unique work breaks away from the constraints of academic art and social stereotypes.

The history and tradition of modern naive art in both Ukraine and UK are different. At the same time, each of the 15 participants is searching for artistic freedom and they follow their own unique path.


As part of the project from Sep 15 till Oct 15 the Ya Gallery (Kyiv) art centre is going to host the NAЇVE Art Exhibition. The exhibition is going to feature the following women artists, including Katya Lapochkina, Olexandra Tertyshyna, Anatasiya Eropheyeva, Iryna Vyshnevskaya, ZO, Rita Rudun, Elena Nebesnaya, Marharyta Bolhar, Nastya Usatiuk, Iryna Rylach, Maria Charuta, Nataliia Fedoryshyn, Antoinette Kelly, Hannah Dosanjh, and Sandy Wager.

The exhibition tells a story of women artists in the naïve tradition, differences and similarities between naïve art in Europe as well as major themes and forms of naïve art.


The project has been funded with support from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and British Council Ukraine.




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