We are seeing the world mobilise for Ukraine – not, perhaps, our governments and international organisations in all the ways that many would like, but without doubt people, like you, who have searched for this page and are looking to help.

If you don’t have a Ukrainian friend and don’t know how to get involved, here are a few ways we know of through which you can safely give:

➡️ The Embassy of Ukraine to the UK has set up a fund called “With Ukraine” to go towards humanitarian and medical aid, and other essential supplies:

➡️ The National Bank of Ukraine has created a special account to raise funds for Ukraine’s armed forces, in multiple currencies, to make it simple for people worldwide to donate – we are a diverse bunch so do send this to your international contacts

➡️ The charity British-Ukrainian Aid has started a campaign called UKRAINE AID – HELP NOW! These funds will go towards emergency medical supplies, first aid kids, transportation and critical services. You can donate using JustGiving, by PayPal to [email protected] or via the British-Ukrainian Aid website ( Thank you for your willingness to give, the situation is very serious.

➡️ For physical donations, please check for updated information.

➡️ For any major offers of assistance, in particular offers of transport, kit for the Ukrainian military (body armour, helmets, tactical kit etc), healthcare items or equipment and the like, please email [email protected], or ring 020 7838 7025 and we can put you in touch with the relevant parties.

➡️ The government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme has launched. For so many of us who feel powerless to help, giving a refugee a place to live is a tangible way to show support for Ukraine and Ukrainians:

Reset Communities and Refugees is the organisation tasked by the British government to register Ukrainians who want to come to the UK, and they will handle the matching process. Registration is now open, this can be done by the refugee or someone on their behalf:

Additional guidance can be found at the following two links:

➡️ The British government continues to update its position on Ukrainian refugees. If you have family members you are concerned about, please see the latest guidance here:

✊ There are protests being held in London. Reference the London Euromaidan page on Facebook for the latest details. You can also write to your MP with your concerns.

Please send all media requests through to [email protected]

Thank you for reading and please, please make time to #StandWithUkraine, your support is crucial!